Tuesday, 7 September 2010

An update - some recent examples...

I've realised with all the catching up after the shop move that we've not posted for a while... so I thought I'd show a few of the interesting jobs we have framed for our customers recently.
This is a rather nice set of Royal Naval WW2 medals - one with an oakleaf commendation. They have been shadow mounted onto blue suede mountboard with a gun metal/pewter effect frame which sets it off really well.
It's always nice to have a photo of the person too which always makes it so much more personal and gives a connection to the man's life and brave deeds. There are always such amazing and courageous stories behind these medal sets that really should be honoured and remembered. So many of these war medals are split and sold off, losing their stories and becoming anonomous which I believe is a real shame.

On a different note (or power chord!) here is a snare drumskin signed by the band Motorhead. It has been shadow mounted as well, with the drumskin set into a circular cut apperture and supported behind with foam board. Sorry for the unclear picture here, the Motorhead logo is mounted behind its own bevel cut window in the bottom mount and the frame is a deep profile ideal for box framing.

Now for a tricky one! An original Disney sketch with pin badge... The mountcard I had to replicate on this one was probebly originally cut on a computerised mountcutting machine, but I had to cut it by hand on our Keencut Oval cutter and Ultimat Gold cutter. No easy task!
First I cut the circle in the outer mount then carefully measured and marked out with a compass my quarter circle cut with start and stop marks. It's very hard to do an accurate partial cut on a circle by hand on this machine so it was some challenge to then do it all again 5mm deeper for the yellow inner mount!I then cut the rest of the double mount as normal on the Ultimat Gold cutter for the straight edges and backed it with foam board to support the pin of the badge.

And here is another shirt belonging to the Paulton Rovers goal keeper who played against Norwich City last year. He'd actually swopped shirts with the Norwich City goalie and we framed that up as well to go with it!
There has been quite a few really nice shirts framed in the last few months that we didn't manage to photograph, including a fully signed Real Madrid shirt, a fully signed child's Liverpool shirt, Bath Rugby shirts and a burgandy Paulton Rovers home shirt that went into a burgandy stained frame with burgandy inner mount and looked great!

More updates coming soon!