Sunday, 27 February 2011

A 'Marvel-ous' collection of 3D object box frames...!

Here are a few more recent examples of interesting custom jobs that our customers have kindly given us permission to show...

Firstly a set of beautiful silver 'Apostle Spoons' that had aged to a lovely silver-gilt colour. These were sewn onto a suedette mountboard with strong invisible nylon thread and set off with a deep shadow mount to keep them clear of the glass. The gesso and silver frame complimented the colour of the spoons perfectly and all in all was a really enjoyable job to do. It makes a lovely feature of these antique family heirlooms that would otherwise have been hidden away in a dark drawer!

Here we have a somewhat smaller shirt than we have been framing of late! This was a favourite shirt of the little boy who wore this and will make a great memory to keepsake. It has been stretched over conservation mountboard and then sewn onto the undermount with no glue whatsoever. The glass has been floated clear of the shirt with a fillet stained black to match the deep box frame.
And finally below we have a 'Marvel-ous' set of limited edition figures... (sorry for the terrible pun but it had to be done! I hear you groan...!)

Arch Angel

The Fantastic Four

The Hulk

These great collector's figures were all deep box framed to free stand. The inside was faced with 'marvel' red on the sides and mirror glass on the back, top and bottom to show the reverse of the figure. The figures themselves were raised slightly on glass plinths to stand clear of the rebate.
They should certainly make a fantastic collection to display...

If you have any interesting and unusual 3D objects you would like framed do drop by or call for a quote. We enjoy a challenge, and with a bit of imagination there is usually always a way to effectively present even the trickiest of objects, which can make for a fantastic feature and talking point!
More examples coming soon....

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Some more examples - Medals and Shirts galore!

It seems it's about time I showed some more recent examples of specialist framing, and for this post its all medals and shirts! Indeed these are the most popular kinds of specialist items to box frame and we do take a bit of professional pride in them!
Below is a detail of the interesting set of medals in the first picture. As well as the usual set of WW2 medals, this individual had ten Rifle Shooting medals which we hand stitched onto the suedette mountcard. The stitching is fiddly work but the end results are really satisfying!

Here below is another interesting set, again with the medals hand stitched onto suedette mountcards, this time Football medals from 1912 to 1928...

(The bendy window apperture is distortion from my camera lens - it is actually cut straight!)

Next below our shop example medal set showing how you could incorporate cap badges and flashes with your medals... Again it is all shadow mounted to keep the glass well clear of the medals.

And finally last of the medals for today as a change from the WW2 medals we so often frame, an Iraq War Veteran's medal very aptly framed in a much more contemporary style which I think suits it very well.

So now to the shirts... All of our shirts are first stretched over acid neutral conservation board and then hand stitched onto the under mount. We use no glues, so the whole process is completely reversable. The shadow mount keeps the glass clear of the shirt and presents it really smartly in a deep box frame.

This one has been done as a 'full shirt' with an extra window for some text....

And this one below has been done as a 'half shirt'...

As a general guide a 'full shirt' would start at £150 to £180, while a 'half shirt' would start around £120 to £140.
Medal sets very much depend on how much or little you'd like to include but can range between about £60 to £100. Please do feel free to drop by for a free no obligation quote, we're always more than happy to help!
More examples coming soon...